Everybody Wins

The Story and Lessons Behind RE/MAX

By Phil Harkins and Keith Hollihan

Publication Date: December 2004

Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

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Homebuyers and home sellers around the world are familiar with the red, white and blue RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon logo. Few people outside of RE/MAX, though, have had glimpses of the inner workings of the most successful real estate network in the world. Authors Phil Harkins and Keith Hollihan have now provided both the public and the real estate industry with the first book-length look at the sources of RE/MAX success: “Everybody Wins.”

Harkins and Hollihan originally set out to identify and study the top “High-Growth, High-Impact” public companies in the world. Entry to the club wasn't easy: at least 20 years of sustained annual growth (not through acquisitions), a strong global presence, a top-shelf reputation and a clear mission to be No. 1. They narrowed the list to Wal-Mart, McDonald's, Nokia, BMW, Toyota and Canon.

Then Harkins met Dave Liniger, Chairman and Co-Founder of RE/MAX.

The author quickly realized that RE/MAX surpassed every company investigated in virtually every criterion save one: RE/MAX was private.

But the RE/MAX story was just too compelling to pass up. When Liniger finally agreed to let RE/MAX be added to the study, the authors essentially started over. The result is a comprehensive picture of an amazing real estate franchisor, its colorful chairman Liniger, and other key contributors who represent the many hundreds of individuals who have been critical to the network's success.

"Everybody Wins" is a business book with a difference. A behind-the-scenes look at how a single-office operation expanded into a global network is an eye-opener for consumers and real estate professionals alike.

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