I am President of the Kathy Stevens Fan Club.  (Of course, I should tell you that I made up the club, and self-nominated me as its president.  You can do that when you make up a club.)  However, I am convinced that many other people would want to join.


My husband and I just moved to Kansas City, Kansas from Houston, Texas.  We currently know a handful of people here.  Literally.  We had no idea how to find a good realtor or what would constitute a good realtor.  At time, I was addicted to Realtor.com.  I would check everyday which houses were new to the market.  I had a chart.  (Clearly this was an issue)  Late one evening, (when my husband had thrown up his hands in frustration and gone to bed) I responded to about five or six realtors ads on the website.  Kathy Stevens was the only one to respond, and she did so the next day.  I had already contacted our longtime family friend and realtor in Texas with a list of questions I should interview a respective realtor with.  Kathy gave all the right answers; she has been in the business a long time and she has access to everything. (She may even have access to FBI files; I wouldn’t run it past her.)


My husband and I flew into Kansas City in February, and Kathy met us and had a list of six houses we were to look out that day.  She had a very objective eye, and was very honest with whatever concerns we had.  This was our first home, we needed direction BADLY.  One of the homes we were originally interested in seeing had sold, and Kathy replaced it with another home (which happens to be the home we purchased).  She made us a priority, didn’t try to sell herself, was honest and kind, and most of all treated us like friends. 


The process was virtually painless.  She thought of everything, answered all our questions, and was VERY patient with me when I had “freak out” moments.  I trust Kathy.  I trust her enough that I have inflicted my parents on her.  They are moving to Kansas City to retire next year.  She has continued to be flexible and even go above and beyond what she has to do.  Kathy even sent my husband a Royals calendar.  (He is the largest baseball fan I know)


She has my highest of recommendation.  When we sell our house and purchase our new house in the Kansas City area (because let’s face it, NO ONE stays in the same place anymore) Kathy will be our realtor because actions do speak louder than words.


Ben and Jolynna Addink

Kansas City  Kansas